Our Purpose

Our foundation was created on the principle that we can help struggling single parents get their kids through high school and adequately prepare them for college.  Below are the core focuses for raising money:  Student Financial Mentor Sponsorship and Fresh Start College Scholarship.


Open to all junior high and high school students in Marion, Alachua, and Monroe County 

for continued extracurricular activities (i.e. dance, sports, musical programs, etc).  Sponsorship to be paid directly to the program of interest quarterly.

Applications can be originated as early as 6th grade.

Activities include, but not limited to dance classes, football, baseball, gymnastics, music and other approved activities.  


Award high school seniors in Marion, Alachua and Monroe Counties a $1,500 scholarship to use towards ancillary college expenses like rooming, utilities, food service, and general living expenses. * Conditions apply. 

Applications for the Fresh Start College Scholarship can start as early as August 1st Senior year of high school.  

The Fresh Start Scholarship is a one time $1,500 startup fund for seniors to help pay for ancillary college costs, for example: apartment, furniture, electric and other living expenses.


Conditionally, to be considered for the Fresh Start scholarship, students must write a 200 word essay on how they helped their own community and why they should be chosen to receive this scholarship. In addition, the applicants must volunteer for twenty hours of approved community service. 

Seniors will also be required to read "Prepping for the College Financial Experience" pamphlet and complete a 10-question quiz.  The quiz will be open book and must be passed with a 100%. Upon applying, the pamlet and quiz will be emailed out to the email address on the application.

Our Fresh Start Scholarships are awarded once a year and the completed applications must be submitted no later than April 1st each year.  Notification of winners will be annually the first Tuesday in May.

A donation drop box is available Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.  Office address is on the contact page.

(Coming 2020) One high school senior from the program will be awarded a four year college scholarship for the University of Florida.  Must be accepted into the University of Florida to be considered for this Gator Community Scholarship.  Recipient must maintain an A average throughout high school and college to be awarded and to maintain award while in college.