Apply: Financial Mentor Sponsorship or College Scholarship

Qualifications for Consideration:

Student must come from a single parent house hold for all programs.

Must maintain a "C" average in Junior High and High School.     

 1. Financial Mentor Sponsorship program, student will not be required to write an essay nor do community service.

Student can apply as early as 6th grade.  

The parents last two  years  of tax  returns are required to be considered. Please  email or send to office.

2. Fresh Start College Scholarship

1. Must be a senior in high school and have 20 hours of community service. 

2. Students will write a 200 word essay on how they helped their community and why they should be chosen.     

3.  Be required to read the "Prepping for College" pamphlet and complete a 10 question quiz which must be passed with a 100%.

Deadline to apply each year is April 1st.

Award announcement is annually the 1st Tuesday in May. A email and phone call will go out to the students chosen.

 Submission for the Fresh Start College Scholarship starts August 1st of Senior year.